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Your Logistics Center

A easy-to-use portal to share Jobsite locations and equipment, complete with lat/long coordinates and receiving hours.

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Share jobsite Updates

Communicate jobsite changes to the team efficiently through the Logistics page, PDF exports, or by using PLOT's Jobsite Alerts.

Coordinate active sites

Owner-occupied jobsites can often add complexity to site Logistics. Use PLOT's dynamic tools for seamless coordination.

Navigate Seamlessly

Share specific locations, like new access roads or gates, with new and existing team members.

A 'Living' Logistics Plan

Use PLOT to manage your Jobsite as access, parking, dropoff and laydown areas change throughout construction.

Professional pdf Design

Replace manual PDF logistics plans with a design that impresses. Our PDF export enhances consistency across projects, and increases professionalism even with novice users.

PDF connection to profile

Develop a live profile for your jobsite that anyone can access without logging in. This profile is easily accessible by clicking any export PDF (no matter how old it is).

TV Mode (computer or firetv)

View all jobsite information in an easy-to-use display, including weather updates, upcoming deliveries and orders. Onboard Foremen with a QR code for instant training.

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plot works best with partners

We aim to provide the best experience for our users. Sometimes, that means partnering with other software instead of building our own features. See below for the list of integrations available for this module.

Want to become an integration partner?


Order existing satellite imagery or task a satellite to capture your jobsite (for cheaper than you might think).

Procore - Admin

Import Trade Contractors and Users from Procore into PLOT.


Export GeoTIFF from DroneDeploy and upload to PLOT to use as your Jobsite background.


Export GeoTIFF from Propeller and upload to PLOT to use as your Jobsite background.

How Walsh Reinforces Contractor Safety Culture with PLOT

After setting up PLOT for their project, the benefits were quickly realized with the team saving up to seven (7) hours per week on coordination and communication efforts around deliveries.

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