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Communication is fundamental to project success.



Construction sites have 20-30 companies executing work on site and dozens of companies delivering to the Jobsite. Phone calls, text messages, and emails have been the only tools available to manage the coordination of who goes where, when. PLOT is here to change that.
check out our 5-min demo:
Realize the power of a Jobsite Logistics Map, easier to create than a marked-up PDF and quicker to share than an email attachment.
Let delivery drivers notify you of their Arrival or ETA. Manage delivery stacking and equipment necessary for unloading.
Text and email seem easy, but that's after you have the contact information. PLOT focuses on connecting teams in the first place.
Rather than sending project communication through text and email, communicate inside PLOT to eliminate information siloing.
tired of mass emailing and group texting?

a common sense communications platform

Share your jobsite's real location (useful for projects with new addresses), add a 'Jobsite Doorbell', and list general information. Jobsite pages are public to all with the link or use PLOT Search.

Check out our demo Jobsite page here.
Use PLOT's templates to organize communication into collaborative channels (e.g. Simple, UniFormat) or customize to your site.
Our Web application looks great on Desktop/Laptop screens but automatically adjust to fit a smartphone screen. You can choose to receive messages in English or Spanish, automatically translated.
public comms - logistics

Manage Your Deliveries & Mobilizations

PLOT's Logistics tab is a public profile that can be shared via text, email, or QR code (user does NOT need to be logged in to view).

Check out an example Jobsite Profile here.

Lost Delivery Drivers?

Most navigation apps don't register new addresses until the building is built. Drop a pin where you want drivers to arrive at and cut down on navigation phone calls.

Deliveries Backed Up?

The Jobsite Doorbell lets the team know when deliveries will arrive. Supplier dispatch or delivery drivers can book a date & time, automatically avoiding stacked deliveries.

Chaotic Site Layout?

Does your site have multiple gates? Trade-specific laydown areas? Create a Jobsite Logistics Map in our map/satellite viewer and share each area's distinct latitude/longitude.
private comms - Discussions

Coordinate Crews between meetings

PLOT's Discussions tab takes some of the best practices from modern messengers, far surpassing the abilities of email and text messaging.
Enable Trade Contractors to communicate directly with the GC out-of-the-way but still in-the-know.
PLOT allows you to send messages, files, & photos from any device with a web browser.
Each user can select their native language and every message they receive will automatically be translated.
PLOT separates 'unread' notifications from 'mentions' (were someone calls you by name). You can have access without being overloaded with notifications.
low tech with high impact.

Software is only powerful if people can use it.

PLOT was built for those who have spent their career working in the field, not behind a desk.
No usernames or passwords to remember (seriously).
All features are completely free to use for as long as you need.
Searchable directory of Teams & Projects so people can find you without an user invite.
The Owner/GC adds Teams to their project. Teams add their own users, saving time.
Live language translation allows English and Spanish speakers to communicate seamlessly.
No app download required, notifications can be sent through SMS.

Our Partners

"Messenger apps are extremely commonplace - you might have used 3 or 4 today.

In construction, the challenge isn't sending a message, it's making the connection with your coworkers in the first place. Simply putting construction terms on white-collar software misses the point entirely."

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