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Built for workers

PLOT was created to solve some of your jobsite's largest problems. That being said, our passion lies in raising the quality of life for the frontline worker, especially those in the trades.

We measure success by getting these men and women home a little earlier: to make every dinner with their families, to make every tee ball game, and to stop an industry tradition of relying on copious overtime to make up for project delays.



We seek to always understand and empathize with each partner's unique needs and perspectives.


We only build what provides true value and is the simplest version of the solution. We never overpromise what our tool or company can achieve.


We work in the best industry in the world with some of the best people in the world. Above all else, enjoy the opportunities we have and challenges we face.

Our Team

born into construction.

PLOT was founded in 2021 by Chris Callen, a two-time construction technology founder and a second generation CEO of his family's concrete contractor based in Kansas.

The team at PLOT has been built up with experience from some of the most successful companies in the construction technology space.

Want to join our team?

Eric Biven
chief technology officer

Three decades building software, survivor of multiple startups.

Chris Callen
ceo, founder

Second generation construction CEO, two-time construction technology founder.

Jared Draper
account executive

Career construction professional, recent software convert.

Nick Dreiling
senior software engineer

Career nerd and Star Wars fan. Pretty-okay software developer.

Clinton Gray
Senior Account Executive

Experienced startup sales professional, passionate about Construction Technology.

Andrew Potvin
senior software engineer

From plumber to programmer, still knee deep in it.