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Automatic Coordination

Set (and forget) days/hours when locations and equipment are available. PLOT screens Trade requests to abide by these rules and prevent double-booking.

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Structured framework

Create a framework for your delivery requests, so that you have all the information necessary to make a decision.

Simple Coordination

With a simple screening and approval process, you no longer have to juggle phone calls and delivery hassles.

avoid double booking

Show trade partners available windows when the unloading location and equipment are available.

Next-Level Booking

Remove the complexity from your delivery process.

Automated Booking Log

The general contractor team pre-approves delivery equipment and locations availability. This allows subcontractors to request delivery windows that prevent jobsite disruption.

Shared Calendar

Subcontractors can make requests to offload materials at an available time and location. These requests can be reviewed and approved by the GC, just like a meeting invite.

Driver-Specific Delivery Page

This optional feature allows drivers to see their specific entrance and unloading locations for easy navigation. Drivers can also share ETA, announce arrival, and log departure.

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plot works best with partners

We aim to provide the best experience for our users. Sometimes, that means partnering with other software instead of building our own features. See below for the list of integrations available for this module.

Want to become an integration partner?

Procore - Admin

Import Trade Contractors and Users from Procore into PLOT.

Procore - Daily Log

Automatically log delivery arrival and departure times form PLOT into the Procore Daily Log

Using PLOT to DriveTrade Accountability

Once using PLOT, the benefits were realized through the resulting scheduling simplicity and the ease of access to the platform through the mobile app, saving the team upwards of almost one day per week of coordination time in the field.

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