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PLOT was built to be flexible, knowing full well that each project has unique needs and pain points. Check out the questions & answers below, but don't hesitate to reach out if you have some questions of your own.

The Procurement tool looks incredibly beneficial to my project, but i don't have delivery problems. Can I use 'lead times' without 'deliveries'?

PLOT was built to give you everything you need, and not overcomplicate the tool with things you don't. Based on project preferences, modules can be shown and hidden to only use (and pay for) what you need.

most maps show my jobsite as a field. How can plot help me with this?

PLOT partners with some of the best in the business to deliver quality satellite imagery for your Logistics Map. If the default imagery for your site is not recent enough, you have the option to upload GeoTIFFs, either from your drone program, our drone capture/processing partner, or custom satellite imagery tasking.

how long does plot take to get up and running?

LOGISTICS - You can create a new jobsite Logistics Map, export, profile, and Command Center in about 15 minutes without assistance. We typically hold 30 minute training for the rest of the application. By working PLOT's Command Center into your coordinaton meetings, you can easily gain Trade Partner involvement within a week.

My subs hate when i 'push' software on them. How can plot help?

We get it. Construction people typically have a hate-hate relationship with software. Through clicking a link in a Logistics Map PDF, booking a delivery from a QR code on the jobsite trailer TV, or clicking on a material order in an automated email, PLOT meets users 'where they are' to make onboarding a breeze.