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‍The ConTechCrew 370: Scalable Innovation to the Rescue with Todd Wynne and Chris Callen


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Scalability is what determines success. But are the technological advancements in construction enough to move the industry forward?


In today's podcast episode, I have the privilege of hosting two leading innovators in the industry: Todd Wynne, the Chief Innovation Officer at Rogers-O’Brien, and Chris Callen, Founder and CEO of PLOT.

Before meeting Chris, Todd was a trailblazer in the construction industry around innovation, with over a decade of experience under his belt.

Much like Todd, Chris also possesses a deep fondness for technology. Growing up in a family deeply rooted in construction, Chris became involved in his family's business at a young age.

However, he later embarked on a journey to pursue studies and a career in software development. Eventually, he returned to lead his family's construction business for a considerable period, and it was during this time that he and Todd connected.

Together, Chris and Todd embarked on developing a technology named Grit. Despite its potential, Grit did not take off as expected, leading to the sale of the venture.

However, their experiences and lessons from this endeavor led to their subsequent undertaking, PLOT.

PLOT is a job site coordination software that eases job site logistics, delivery coordination, and lead time management.

Today, Todd and Chris share invaluable insights on construction innovation and scalability, digitizing vs. digitalizing construction, and how they are helping the builders with innovation.

We also discussed the labor shortage in construction and technology's role in solving this problem.

Tune in now and geek out!

Key Takeaways:

Intro (00:00)

Todd and Chris's shared story (03:31)

Todd's biggest entrepreneurial lesson (07:40)

Roger-O'Brien's aha moment (12:16)

The innovation cake analogy (14:19)

How PLOT is helping builders with innovation (19:07)

Exploitation vs. exploration (26:21)

Problems that PLOT aims to solve (28:43)

Digitalizing construction (36:27)

Solving the labor shortage problem with technology (48:06)

Innovating the org structure (1:00:08)

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