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How Boldt Streamlines Efficiencies on Large Projects Using PLOT

Boldt: Streamlining Efficiencies on Large Sites

Savings were estimated at the equivalent of one full-time employee for the duration of the project.

Since 1889, The Boldt Company has been challenging construction norms, from preconstruction to completion.  Boldt’s purpose is to build a better future – for their employees, customers, and communities. Today, Boldt is a national construction leader, approaching every project with flexibility and imagination and doing what it takes to help their clients and partners build the extraordinary.

One of these remarkable projects includes a paper facility spanning over approximately 25 acres of site, being built over the course of a couple years with hundreds of deliveries sourced from local areas in Wisconsin, as well as internationally.  For one installation scope in particular, over 180 shipping containers from overseas were required to deliver the necessary materials to site.  

The team members tasked with managing logistics knew phone calls and traditional methods alone would not be adequate to effectively coordinate deliveries with all stakeholders on the project.  Early on in the job, they were introduced to PLOT as a way to transform the coordination experience. 

PLOT sounded great, but a lot of things look great on paper. When you’re dealing with all of these moving parts – the different vendors, suppliers, sub-suppliers, carriers – it gets crazy."

Darrell Gilson, Project Engineer and a long-time logistics team member with Boldt was skeptical at first about a tech solution being successful for construction operations, but quickly saw the potential after seeing more about what PLOT could provide to his team:

I was a little hesitant, but eager to see what it was about.  After seeing all the benefits of the platform, I was pretty much sold from day one.  That was roughly a year ago, and we’ve come a long way since then”.

Since the initial implementation, the Boldt team has recognized results that reflects their history as a pioneer of lean construction principles.  Demonstrated benefits have been significant time savings on team operating costs, estimated at the equivalent of one full-time employee for the duration of the project, as well as efficiency gains in the field due to an increase in the flow of logistics production. 

Darell also notes,

PLOT has represented who we are as a company, and is vital to what we’re doing on this project today.  It’s greatly enhanced our efficiency and enhanced our safety in some ways.  A portal like this is exactly what the industry needs.”  

The Boldt Company's experience with PLOT exemplifies the positive impact that a well-integrated logistics portal can have on construction projects. The centralization of information, simplified communication with vendors, time savings, and improved accountability resulted in a more efficient and cost-effective project. With continuous innovation and potential enhancements in the future, PLOT has positioned itself as a valuable asset for streamlining logistics in the construction industry.